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Despite the rate of incidence and the high levels of recurrence and mortality, bladder cancer has long been overlooked in terms of research spending.  It has lagged behind other cancers and there have been few advances in new treatments or improvements in survival rates over the past thirty years.  Other, less common cancers, have received support and resources and consequently have demonstrated a significant improvement in outcomes for patients.  We want the same for bladder cancer patients.

Encouraging and supporting research into bladder cancer is one of our core aims as a charity.

ABC UK Grants

As well as participating in and supporting research, we alsoactively encourage and fund research.

The ABC UK Improving Outcomes for Patients Programme 2018 is now closed, the next round will launch for applications in Autumn 2018.  Our view of what constitutes research isbroad but is aimed at work that would directly improve patient outcomes andexperience.  The programme focuses on small,innovative projects that can demonstrate clear outcomes and improve knowledge,enable change and have a direct impact on patient experience.  This programme is aimed at encouraging workrelating to bladder cancer by nurses, researchers, cancer specialists, and thosein primary care. 

Further information on the ABC UK - Improving Patient Outcomes Programme is on the ABCUK Grants page.


Clinical Trials

There are various clinical trials into bladder cancer in the UK, you can find out more about trials and how to find a trial here - Clinical Trials [link to list of current Clinical Trials

We are also raising funding to support bladder cancer research - you can either donate now or help fundraise.  [Link to Fundraising pages]

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