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Patient Decision Aid

We believe that there is not enough information or guidance available for patients when faced with difficult decisions regarding treatment for bladder cancer. 

In early 2016, we worked extensively with NHS England to produce a new, improved, version of the Bladder Cancer Patient Decision Aid which was, until recently, on the NHS Direct website.  This improved Decision Aid could be very useful to High Risk NMIBC patients and their families when considering the available treatment options and to help these patients decide what treatment to choose after their diagnosis.  It can also be used by your urologist or specialist nurse to explain the possible choices and help patients reach a decision.  

However, unfortunately, this updated version has not yet been implemented, and the old decision aid has also now been removed from the NHS Direct website.  We have not, to date, received any clarification on when this decision aid will be available to patients

We hope to be able to bring you news on this and are pursuing a response as to when this will be available for use, and how it will be accessed, whether via NHS Direct or through NICE or on another platform.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, or wish to be able to use this Patient Decision Aid (whether you are a patient or a health professional), please contact us on info@actionbladdercanceruk.org

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