IOPP 2024 Grants Awarded

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ABC UK is delighted to announce the successful grant recipients for the 2024 round of ‘Improving Outcomes for Patients Programme' grants.




Haematuria Ward Admission

This study aims to improve hospital management of patients with haematuria, primarily caused by bladder cancer. It will evaluate outcomes such as hospital stay duration, operation timing, and readmissions. The findings will help create UK best practice guidelines, aiming to standardise care and improve outcomes for this high-risk patient group.

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Selecting Hypoxic Tumours for Treatment Modification.

Aiming to measure oxygen levels in bladder cancer using genetic analysis of biopsy tissue to optimise treatment. It will establish a process for generating real-time hypoxia signature scores, guiding targeted treatments and potentially improving survival rates for bladder cancer patients.

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three.pngChemosensitivity of Bladder Cancer Cells with ZFP36L1 Mutations.

This project targets a novel vulnerability in bladder cancer found in over 8% of cases. By testing the chemosensitivity of bladder cancers with ZFP36L1 mutations, it aims to identify effective existing drugs. The results could pave the way for new targeted therapies for this significant patient subgroup.

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Bladder Cancer Core Outcome Set: the Patient Perspective.

Gathering patient input on essential clinical trial outcomes for a Core Outcome Set (COS) to ensure standardised outcome reporting, aiding comparison and improving informed decision-making for patients. This approach addresses current inconsistencies in trial results, enhancing the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines and patient care.

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Identification of Novel CDK1 Regulators & Substrates That Mediate Bladder Cancer Cell Invasion.

This project aims to identify proteins regulating CDK1 in invasive bladder cancer cells to discover new drug targets. Understanding these mechanisms could lead to novel therapies and improve outcomes for patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer, addressing a significant gap in current treatment options.

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Thank you to all those who applied for grant funding from Action Bladder Cancer UK. The quality of applications was high and covered various areas of interest.

ABC UK actively funds research and projects to improve outcomes for bladder cancer patients. The next round of funding applications will open in autumn 2024. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to contact us to discuss a potential project, please email us at 

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