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Bladder cancer is the 7th most common cancer in the UK - the 4th most common in men.  Over 10,700 people are diagnosed in the UK each year.  Despite this, bladder cancer is seriously underfunded in research terms, which has implications on developing new treatments or making the scientific advances which would benefit bladder cancer patients.  Help us support research. ABC UK Grants Programme →

Early Diagnosis

Bladder cancer can often be diagnosed late, sometimes only on an emergency admission.  The earlier the diagnosis of bladder cancer, the better the outcome might be.  We are working to raise awareness and improve knowledge in GPs so that bladder cancer is diagnosed earlier.

Patient Support

There are not enough bladder cancer patient support groups in the UK, with some regions having no groups at all within easy reach of patients.  Having a local group can help patients, and their families, talk to others who have gone through the same thing, to share experiences, learn and listen.  We are working with major hospitals across the UK to help set up groups where they are most needed and develop information materials to support these groups. Help us build a national network of support groups for bladder cancer patients →  

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Muscle invasive bladder cancer - challenges around the pathway of care webinar - 15th July 2024 04/06/2024

Muscle invasive bladder cancer - challenges around the pathway of care A Nurses' Bladder Cancer Education Webinar This webinar will be presented by Helen Johnson who is a urology oncology clinical nurse specialist at the Christie Hospital in Manchester. She has been a CNS for ...

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